I Won!!!!!!

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I’ve been bidding on this box set, unopened, of all the works of Ghost of the Robot, vocals done by James Marsters on ebay. Also, anyone who knows me knows I love James Marsters. But did you know that I WON?! yay! for $202.50, mind you. but I WON!!!! I’m so hyper right now, seriously.



Ok, so anyone who knows me knows I am NOT religious. So why does the personality test say that I should work in a clergy?? Oh yeah, and whoever said that I was REALLY perfectionist was lying… not… cuz even the test said so… but IDK if I trust the test… hmmm..


Fan Fiction…

I am hereby establishing my very own Spuffy Fan Fiction Rehab club, because I read waaaaay too damn much of it. It’s one of those ‘You know you’re addicted when…’ ‘every single thing that people say can be equated, somehow, someway, to a Spuffy story that you’ve read.’ and so on. Anybody with me?



Ok, so when the Tivo downloads stuff onto your computer and uses all of your hard drive space, shouldn’t your computer tell you before it decides to flip out? Just a suggestion, but someone should tell the computer people to make it better…


Interesting things

ummm, yeah, it’s a little scary where I work sometimes…

1.) Tell your boobs to stop looking at my eyes.

2.) Having an erection does not equal personal growth.

Two things that I saw while at work today that I thought were interesting and a little disturbing and entertaining at the same time…