The last day I worked was March 23rd. It was a normal, if slow, work day. Then, I went on my normal weekend. On the 25th, the Governor of Idaho issued a Stay Home order, closing all non-essential businesses and telling people to stay home unless exercising or doing essential tasks. Based on the fact that, while there is a lot of debate about whether or not pet grooming is an essential service, it is generally listed as being non-essential, I chose to stay home.

I feel a little betrayed by my coworkers and my company, because Petco is using a loophole in the laws and has remained operational, including grooming services. Petco as a store is an essential business due to the fact that they sell pet food. However, because grooming is in the store, they’ve remained operational in all states, unless they’ve been directly shut down by the government – the cops or the CDC. Before we were given the Stay Home order, my coworkers and I asserted that in the event of such an order we would be shutting down, because grooming is not an essential service. I kept my part, and stayed home. I’m riding my COVID-19 pay (something that Petco was nice enough to set up) and my PTO, and going stir crazy sitting in my apartment watching endless amounts of TV. I’ve also been feeling irresponsible and alone – irresponsible because I could be working, and since I was 14 I’ve worked. Alone because not one of my coworkers kept their word. It wasn’t a binding promise or anything, to stay home when they put the order in place, but… there’s definitely a lack of solidarity, me missing weeks of work and them continuing to work. It doesn’t lend to a sense of being a team. Also, I haven’t heard from any of them other than a question to use my supplies and when I was coming back (delivered from the store leader through my salon leader). It might take a while for my feelings to thaw after this.

Since I chose to shelter in place, I’ve watched NCIS, Young Sheldon, Frozen II, The Witcher, and am currently working my way through Lucifer. I’ve been working through my National Cat Groomers Institute syllabus as well, and I finished re-reading the Emelan books by Tamora Pierce and the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I started Harry Potter, but it hasn’t seemed to take my interest, along with the cross stitch project I’ve been working on for 2 years now and haven’t gotten very far on. I’ve gone on 2 walks and checked my mail 3x, and I ordered delivery yesterday. We also had a Google Hangouts dinner conference call on Sunday with my parents and grandparents, which was nice. Other than that, I live on my couch and eat my food supplies I had stockpiled before sheltering in place.

It’s a very boring life right now, but I feel like it’s my civic duty to stay home because I can. I hate it, I’ve been ruminating on it, but I made my decision. I’m entertaining myself by trying not to overeat and keeping my apartment clean just because it gives me something to do.

I hope this doesn’t last more than 3 weeks and I can go back to work soon.