Life is Moving


Since we talked, things have happened, even though my last post was about 2 weeks ago.

I took my first NCGI test, and passed it with 100%. I’m now working on studying for my next test, the Health and Anatomy test. It has 50 questions, I get an hour to take it, and there’s lots of technical terms like Rhinotracheitis and Panleukopenia, with symptoms, causes, treatments and vaccines to go along with them. I’m thinking about taking it on the 18th but I haven’t scheduled that yet because I’m a chicken and there’s a lot going on.

I also got a mortgage pre-approval! They approved me for up to 275k, which is far more than I want to spend because the mortgage is around $1475 and that’s more than I want to pay. However, I am now actively searching for a house. I’m finding things mostly in Nampa. but also a few in Middleton and Boise. My main concern is my commute time to work and family members, and how big that decision is. For some reason (that I know others also have), I’m freaking out about buying the house. What if I make the wrong decision? The wrong place, the wrong time? What if it’s a terrible idea? What if by waiting just a little I’d have a better opportunity?

The last time I bought a car, I had buyer’s remorse. Not because of the car, but because if I had thought clearer about it I wouldn’t have bought an older car with an added on warranty on top of the rollover amount I needed financed from my old car. I would’ve bought a brand new car plus the rollover funds and paid the same, for a better car.

I’m worried about similar issues with a house. I know that’s what John (real estate agent) and Shayn (mortgage broker) are for, but I’m also worried about prices going up if I wait, my income going down, paying the lease severance if I jump early (my lease is up in September), etc. I’m looking at $2200 for breaking my lease, plus a down payment of $5550 for the house I’m currently looking at, plus closing costs. Eek! But homeownership… my ultimate goal. Owning, investing, building equity.

I’m going to go look at a house tomorrow. I’m going to talk to Shayn about the numbers and John about buying now rather than later. I’m going to be patient (<= LOL) and work it out. Drive around Nampa, see how I feel about it.

Deep breaths, sleep, patience, planning.